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All well and good that the ’80s Jap trend is starting to take off… but are dealers taking the piss?

it's red, like a fire engine.

$13,000 for an automatic HR31 GTS-X with 150,000 clicks. Also the vehicle “has not been tampered with” and yet it’s sporting a flash new “Philips Bluetooth” audio system… go figure. I should go down there in the KDR30 and ask to take it for a test drive – who knows, they might offer me $2000 minimum trade on the HR31!

this yard could learn a thing or two from this listing (been on trademe for close to 2 years with no takers) or this one (been on trademe for 18 months and is now being offered for $1 reserve) – namely, you can’t just bring anything in and list it for an exorbitant amount; most enthusiasts and/or anyone specifically looking to buy should have already done their research and have slightly more sense than that (ain’t Goo-net a wonderful thing?)

So, you want to race your car around a track?  Here’s your chance….

Due to a myriad of other events taking place so close to each-other, numbers for the Trackday are on the low side.  If you have an older car and want an opportunity to go faster than you’re legally allowed to on the road, then go here;

☺ Nationals 2010, 26-28 Feb ☺

It’ll be a blast, I’m sure.  Though it won’t happen if the numbers aren’t there to pay for the track.  So please if you are willing and able to join in on the fun, please do so.

C110 Floor & H230 Lamps

January 28, 2010

Got a little more done today, quite happy with how easy this stuff is to chip off.  I assume there’s a solvent that can be used for tidying up the residual crap?  If anyone has an idea, let me know.  Keen to get the solid floor sparkling.



I love that the previous owner left the floor alone, it’s so satisfying knocking out 1.5kg and finding clean floor underneath.

Also, since I’ve had the 260C it’s had cartaracts.  A foggy LHS high-beam lamp, initially it still worked despite this but I noticed a few days ago that it stopped working so I dug into my spares and got that sorted too seeing as the weather was so good.



January 27, 2010

A couple of weeks back I got cajoled into entering my 4WD TX3 as part of the AMAZD (non-rotary Mazda) club stand at the Auckland 4 & Rotary Nationals which takes place at the end of this month. I was a bit reluctant at first but then decided “ah what the hell, it’ll provide the extra little burst of motivation I’ve been sorely needing to get a few things out of the way.”

and hey, I’ll freely admit that since my little roadtrip to Wellington in December things have stagnated a bit, viz. Real Life ™ and other crap getting in the way. so after an interesting couple of days away racing around Taupo in the other TX3, I got back to Auckland and immediately got stuck into things:

first, a quick trip to a signwriter recommended by my friend JP to affix the Original Equipment decals (replicas, but commissioned by a friend in Australia and 99.9% accurate) – thanks Michael @ Icon Signs for the quick and easy installation of said items:

TX3 - 4wdfulltime decal affixed (by decypher the code)

just so no one confuses it for one of them front-tug models.


I was informed the other day by a padre in the CH of CH that there’s a car yard not far at all from his work that is specialising in the currently uncommon but entirely up and coming popular culture trend shift towards classic and retro J-tin.  My padre (Josh (not the one with the Cortina)) was kind enough to provide me with some pictures to share with you all and as such, here they are!

Advertising, why not!?

…and an example of what’s on offer;

Z31 200ZR, AW11, MZ20

Awesome cars in their own right, but still quite modern, so how about we take a step back and enjoy the view of the finer offerings from Toyota & Nissan in the form of a Century & President… (more…)