Random Retro Snap

Random snap: White Omoris

June 26, 2013

Another trio of classic Omoris, this time in black-on-white with red needles.


…and if you’re curious to see what they look like when backlit – click here.

For several years now, whenever I traverse the lonely Waipapa Road to Taupo I’ve always found myself stopping at this particular gravel lay-by for a rest and a quick photo of the car I happen to be driving at the time.

Usually you’re the only person around for miles, and the tranquility is stunning.

Different year, different car.

Here are some older shots from over the years: 2007, 2007 again, 2008, 2010.

Out and about in the RX-7, on a beautiful summer’s evening, in search of catharsis.

what do you go home to?

…and somewhere quiet to snap a photo or two.

A-series, 70′s Fuel Injected Awesome in FWD format.

On track, what’s not to love?


Just when real-life dramas threaten to overwhelm one’s sensibilities, I happen to stumble across this little gem of inspiration, and feel a surge of renewal once again.

Must. Complete. Squid.

Maximum Low.

I’ve been following zeki‘s Minkara blog for some time and his DR30 sedan is picture-perfect in terms of aesthetics.

This is 'stance' I could definitely live with.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I’m fervently hoping I can pull off a look with squid that’s even half as clean. I don’t have the wide Wats but I do have some Ewings that might do the trick!

Cherry blossoms! So iconic.

Perhaps 2012 will finally be Year of the Squid?

photos courtesy of zeki @ minkara