Alright guys with much thanks again from I have a few XL sized Historix Japan tshirts to give away.   Unfortunately I’m far too slight of frame to be able to use either of these shirts without looking like I’m trying to be an american gangster.


Historix Japan 2010 T-Shirts and 2011 Stickers

I also have a couple of stickers to go with as you can see in the picture, one for each shirt.

I apologise for the terrible photograph, my cameras are both flat and the cellphone was all I had.

If you’re interested, let me know what celestial car shares the “110″ as part of it’s name/code. (NOTE: It’s not a Nissan so don’t start with B110, S110, etc.) as with last month, all correct answers will go into a draw and two winner’s drawn from there.


P.S. I’ll notify the winner’s of last month’s competition soon.


One month missed = TWO KITSET GIVE-AWAYS!


Fujimi ID-115, the Nissan Skyline KPGC10 2000GT-R

This one is up for grabs if you can tell me what the nickname for it roughly translates to.


Toyota Celica XX GA60

I could have take a photo of the box seeing as that particular kit is a bit harder to find online it seems, but I didn’t so it is what it is.

As far as the Celica goes, if you’re after that one then answer me this:

Who is the best person to use when you’re buying parts from Japan?



Again, big thanks to Hayatonka for providing this for you guys to win as well as providing such a fantastical service.


It’s that time again but it’s already delayed by most of the month and as such rather than doing some manner of entry where I have to compile the entrants and pick a winner, we’ll do another FIRST IN, FIRST WIN!

Up for grabbity grabs this time around is a Toyota Celica XX, to be specific… THIS ONE;

ARII Owner's Club 1/24


You can see more about it and what the kitset contains via the Hobby website, here;

The question is…   (more…)

Well, another month has dawned on us (granted that was a couple of weeks back) and I’ve got another kitset to give away, as such, I’m going to need an answer to this question.

“What other car model shared the same platform as the 1st Generation Skyline?”

If you’ve got an answer to this, leave a comment and I’ll put all the correct answers into a tin/hat/barrel/my pocket before picking out the winner.

This month the prize is as follows;

Custom Skyline Hardtop 2000GT-X

If you click the picture it will take you to which will then allow you to see more pictures of the model itself.  You don’t have to run the square lamps, it comes with stock options as well.  Custom as.

Good luck! and once again thanks go out to Ewan @


Alright guys, I’ve completely forgotten about this for a long, long time but Ewan (the venerable has sent me some models to use in a competition for you folks.  We’ll start with this little sucker.

Nissan Silvia S12 RS-X

In order to add this to your collection of things that might not ever be completed then be the first to tell me what this car is;

Mystery Car, wwooOOOooooOooOoo

What am I?

Much thanks to,



..aaaaaaaand GO!