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March 31, 2009

What do you do when you’re sitting at work, supposed to be doing stock-take (really I’ve done most of it, I just wanted a little break from it just at the moment) you browse the internet looking for car related things and doofers.  Often you’ll find yourself on, imagining buying all manner of badass and peculiar vehicles.  Here’s a few that caught my eye;

First up, a plug for one of the GM-T and oldschool members, his Opel Kadett/Isuzu Gemini Race Car that’s currently for sale;

Isuzu Gemini/Opel Kadett

Isuzu Gemini/Opel Kadett

Clicking the photos will take you directly to their auction page on  Next up is something entirely different…


A drag racing event held at Ruapuna in Christchurch.  Sadly I could not be there, CHCH is over 500km from me.  What I did manage to do however, was get some photos from a nice chap  (Graham a.k.a EFI_LC) who is on, who did attend the event.  Here’s a brief selection of his photo’s here;

vette vs. Falcon.

'vette vs. Falcon.

Thanks go out big-time to Graham for taking and sharing his pictures of the event and then allowing me to share them all with you.  Cheers Graham, much appreciated.


Drift South: Sneak Peak

March 30, 2009

I took a few photos of the Drift South event at Teretonga this weekend just been.  I didn’t stay too long on the main day, it was hot and I am a wuss, though in reality I had been feeling ill since the Friday and an unexpected long night/morning through into Saturday was not helping matters.  Having next to no sleep, most my pictures were from the lazy setup/drift school Saturday takings place as opposed to the actual race day on the Sunday.  Here’s a minor sneak peak of one photo from the Sunday.

S13 Silvia vs. A31 Cefiro

S13 Silvia vs. A31 Cefiro

I am well aware there are no Retro or Classic vehicles in this, but if you read the “About” page, you’ll see I’m a car enthusiast of many generations.  So shush.  There shall be a retro posting later in the day.  Word to your mother.


Where is the droid socket?

March 28, 2009

Holy crap. this guy deserves those ROGLDR plates more than I do.


My scope shows the tower, but I can't see the exhaust port!

all it needs now are a set of S-foils, an R2 unit riding shotgun and a death star in the background…

more photos of this monstrosity here, halfway down the page.

Its a Chaser,  Chase it.

It's a Chaser, Chase it.

If you’re in NZ, in the North Island and/or willing to travel there to have a blat around on the track in your precious beast (sorry, no drifting will be allowed) then come one, come all (as long as you’re not a cock, obviously… if you go, and it’s latered discovered you are one.  I will find you and kill you.)

Taupo, Track 2.

Taupo, Track 2.

Basics below…