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Dead fuel pump, how I loathe thee.

having things break on my (old) cars is becoming an almost monthly occurrence. Time to trade it all in for a 2009 Camry perhaps?

Thanks to Michael for the replacement pump, at least the coupe is now drivable again (just!)


GC211 sedan of low.

All your trendy memes rolled into one epic photo!

Nissan SKYLINE GT L20 SOLEX R200 DIFF for sale at Yahoo! Autos »

Have cool (car), will travel.

December 23, 2010

As this year draws to a close I realize that I haven’t actually made any plans for the new year’s break, apart from catching up with some friends in the Waikato.

So with this is mind, and also the fact that the RX-7 is deserving of some good honest summer cruising; the gods know the amount of shit I went through just to get it road legal, and it’d be a huge waste just to leave it sitting, here’s my question – what’s the haps in your neck of the woods, and is there any room for a lone wanderer like me to swing past for a visit and a yarn? Name thy poison and I’ll do my best to provide it upon arrival.

I feel a roadtrip around the North Island beckoning. Have cool, will travel!

Just my luck that petrol's now $2.14 a litre for the good stuff...

It has been an interesting week.  Recently the blue S21D-4 for sale relatively locally took a massive drop in price.  It was then bought by some decent sounding chap who lives on the other island of this tiny country.  This meant it was no longer available for me to some-how get and then decide which one of the two I wanted to complete.  That said, at least it’s going somewhere and likely getting sorted instead of sitting in an old mental asylum.

Then this morning I was browsing the ever wonderful JNC forums and stumbled upon this;

1960 Prince Skyline ALSIE-1

Yep.  New/Recent pictures of a recent purchase of one of only 600 Prince Skylines exported to the United States.  There are survivors!  So cool. (literally, look at that snow!) It really does appear to be in fairly decent condition too…


Following on from the success of the first container landing in August, Ewan and the folks over at have announced that a second container is currently being organized for dispatch to NZ in late January. So perhaps not quite in time for xmas, but most folks are currently in the mood for a good shopping spree anyway…

Hit up with your Yahoo Auctions Japan order; if you’re not familiar with the process, have a gander here.

You can also check out this blog post over at C’s Garage to get a better idea of shipping costs for various items.

As always, mention retro-classics and you’ll receive a discount on your final bill!

First container - great success!