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The recent DriftSouth Teretonga round was held the Sunday just been.  Sadly there was very little retro content, I expected to see a few E7′s getting thrashed.   It was not to be, the only older car there was an AE85 with 3SGE engine conversion, it did perform very well though finishing in 3rd place, I believe.


It was wet, very wet.  As a result of inexperience I was having a hard time dialling in some settings and as such pretty much all my photos are terrible.


I didn’t bother following it this time around so I’ve only got a few shots from the street parade and even then it’s only really because it went past my work and because the parade was on, no-one was in…

American Invasion

More later…


It’s the last Friday picture post.  Take it all in before we roll onto the Saturday snaps.


This simplistic NASCAR sat in the infield.
Not much from the rear either.
English? This could only be attached to one thing then…


Test fitted some 15×7.0J +3 offset Watanabes on squid this morning. Like a glove/bauce/virgin etc.

This is a thing which is good.

They look so good I suppose I should just buy the damn things, trash the Hankooks and roll some sweet Toyo rubber. Doubt anyone would pay me what I want for the deep-dish Ewings, so into permastorage they shall go.

now that just leaves me with the conundrum of what to do with the Linea Sports I bought just the other week…

This shit is never-ending and we haven’t even got around to Saturday yet. I am almost glad for all of our sake that I had to work on the Sunday and so didn’t make it to event then, otherwise I would probably have several months of photographs to have to go through. I’ve already skipped a million of the damn things. I digress, photographs of motor-sport is what we’re here for so let’s get this show on the road!

Russell Cunningham's S30Z

Gorgeous set of Triplets.