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I’m just waiting on getting some tyres sorted for the SSRs, they just have to arrive.  Once they’ve done that, I’ll get them on and adjust the suspension to suit the tyre and wheel combo.

In the meantime, this is it.

DR Grille, Sides, End Caps. Aftermarket Spoiler. Wheels and slam will complete this picture.

Big ups again and always to Ewan.  Without his help this would still look a mess.

If you need something from Japan, he’s the man to contact.  Do not hesitate.

Do it.


Author’s Cars; KHR30

February 17, 2013

So I got this damned thing all legal and warranted.  Then the pulley came off at high speed which wasn’t fun.  It’s working again now but still needs a lot of work.  I have a few cosmetic pieces that will be heading my way shortly ex-Japan.  I need to get the height and the wheels sorted and I need to get it not drinking all the fuel in the world.  Still, it’s fun to drive if not a little slow.


From the Front


…the side…


…the back…


The inside

I also have some photos from the Classic Speed Fest. that I will post up in the next few days so look out for those.


Previous owners, they’re special people.




Attempts to find a motor on it’s own for my newly purchased coupe a whole sedan came up on trademe, it was de-registered but completely stock. This meant it was an ideal candidate for a motor and everything else I require, as luck would have it, it was also red!

HR30 Skyline sedan – Donor car

I won the auction and drove to Ashburton a few weekends later to pick up the new acquisition, seeing it in person it was even cleaner than the auction had let on. The previous owner was sad to see it go, he’d replaced it with an R33 GTS25t coupe some years ago, de-registered it and then used it to tow around a horse doo-dad which it had been doing quite happily for some 8 years.

I managed to get the trip to collect done in a single day, leaving me at least on day of the weekend to recover and relax before returning to work.

The subsequent week at work I managed to pull a muscle in my back.  Not ideal as it has put somewhat of a halt on proceedings to get the precious parts switched from one to the other.  I did however cautiously and gingerly waddle about removing as much of the easier to remove stuff as I could on the coupe, leaving it looking like this…  (more…)

The viewing of the motorsport at Bathurst was surprisingly tame, the crowds didn’t have anywhere near the ferocity I expected, the muted Holden and Ford fans seemed content to simply watch the race as opposed to get in each-other’s faces about whether the oval or the general was winning. The campsite as well seemed devoid of the expected rivalry and shenanigans, with only the occasional jibe when a car was driving past to “Get a Holden”. It’s worse at local NZv8 meets at Teretonga! This might speak to Australian bogans being slightly more civilised than New Zealand ones.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, on with the photographic evidence;

The Classic Muscle Cars lining up on the Mt. Panorama grid.

I really wasn’t that fussed to watch the V8 SuperTaxi’s but the Australians throw their muscle cars around in this grid way more than we do in NZ and the racing was quite entertaining.