January 27, 2010

A couple of weeks back I got cajoled into entering my 4WD TX3 as part of the AMAZD (non-rotary Mazda) club stand at the Auckland 4 & Rotary Nationals which takes place at the end of this month. I was a bit reluctant at first but then decided “ah what the hell, it’ll provide the extra little burst of motivation I’ve been sorely needing to get a few things out of the way.”

and hey, I’ll freely admit that since my little roadtrip to Wellington in December things have stagnated a bit, viz. Real Life ™ and other crap getting in the way. so after an interesting couple of days away racing around Taupo in the other TX3, I got back to Auckland and immediately got stuck into things:

first, a quick trip to a signwriter recommended by my friend JP to affix the Original Equipment decals (replicas, but commissioned by a friend in Australia and 99.9% accurate) – thanks Michael @ Icon Signs for the quick and easy installation of said items:

TX3 - 4wdfulltime decal affixed (by decypher the code)

just so no one confuses it for one of them front-tug models.

TX3 - turbo16vdohc decals affixed (by decypher the code)

turbo, 16 valve, double overhead cams!

then off to Hyper Tyres for fitment of my O.Z Racing Superturismos and fresh 195/50R15 Bridgestone RE-001 Adrenalines. My wallet is feeling the sting, but it was worth it.

new wheels (by decypher the code)

Superturismos and Adrenalines, a winning combo

With only one day left until the car has to be taken to the show and set up on the stand I’ll be doing a quick spruce-up of the interior and exterior after work tomorrow. So with two more items crossed off the list of things to complete, here’s what’s left:

1. Find some proper BFMR front seats to match the rest of the interior
2. Tune the damn thing

yup, only two things before I can safely say there’s absolutely nothing left to be done except get in and drive. I can almost smell the fumes of victory.

Bonus photo: This is what happens when you overheat a Dunlop DO1J around the track at Taupo. Goodbye sidewall… and the rest.

semi slick fail (by decypher the code)

too much heat and too much wheelspin I'd say. Fortunately the tyre didn't fly apart at 200km/h down the back straight.


  • KK says:

    Hey Ed – what was the solution with the starter motor?

  • Orion says:

    Well… I managed to score a replacement starter from one of the Mazda club guys in Welly, but didn’t have time to fit it, so I limped the car back to Aucks at the end of my trip and parked it up in disgust.

    Two weeks later my old man asked me to move the car so he could get some stuff out of the garage, so on a whim I decided to give the starter a try before we resorted to pushing it.

    the damn thing fired up first turn, and has been fine ever since. Don’t ask me how or why! i’m both relieved and annoyed…

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