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ヨンメリ GC111

July 31, 2009

Browsing YAJ always acheives fantastic results, some attainable others not.  Though generally the sedan is not my thing, who could resist driving about in this well modded Yonmeri.  It’s got all the appropriate additions to be included in the bosozoku/garuchan crowds.



Internal Accessories

Ashtray, Lighter, No-Smoking Sticker... appropriate gear-knob

Chandelair & Half-cage

Chandelier & Half-cage

Of course, being they are modifications in such a manner, they certainly do not end with internal accessories/additions/replacements… (more…)

C110 Progress

July 30, 2009

Can you imagine?!

Heart Surgery

Heart Surgery

Forced heart surgery, the 5spd attached to the back of the L24 came out of my brother’s old 280ZX (S130) and the gearbox in his 240Z (s30) is giving him grief so I had to quickly remove the box from my car to aid his.  So at the same time, I figured I’d pull the engine too.  Had to come out at some stage anyway, might as well be now.  If the weather keeps up I might well start stripping the interior and exterior panels off too now that it’s got a nice safe garage to sit in.


A lot of the time it’s only the minor things done to a car that make all the difference.  The staple diet of almost any vehicle is a healthy amount of lowering to improve road holding abilities as well as the right wheel and tire selection appropriate for the vehicle.

Someone who has got that bang on is a friend of mine from the Otago region of New Zealand, his name is Josh and this Mark I Cortina wagon belongs to him;

1964 Ford Cortina MkI Estate

1964 Ford Cortina MkI Estate

Paint left as found, lowered to a point of ridiculousness, paired with some wide steel wheels.  As those who can’t pronounce things properly would say… “Poifekt!”  Of course, Josh didn’t buy the wagon in such form (though not far from it) it came to him looking far more standard though still well used… (more…)

Skyline Dreaming

July 28, 2009

I got a txt today from a friend to tell me that he’d procured for me a Prince Skyway Parts Manual.  Stoked.  This led onto thoughts about my poor Prince Skyline sitting in the shed being neglected…

Photoshop of the desired end result

Photoshop of the desired end result

One day…

C110 first, I’ve had it longer.


I forget where I got these photos from, other than the internet somewhere in one of my many various voyages of automotive discovery. If you know where they’re from, I’ll gladly make reference to them so they can receive the credit. I should be more vigilant in my voyages really. Ah well.

Anyway, here’s a collection of pictures taken of the Nissan stand at what was either a specifically Nissan show or something greater, I’m unsure. Either way it’s a collection of their cars used in motorsport across the generations. Pretty impressive showing I think and definitely worth being posted for all to see. We’ll start with the classics;

1958 Datsun 210 Bluebird Rally Car

Datsun 210 Bluebird Rally Car

As is after use in the Australian Mobil-Gas Rally of 1958 where it obviously encountered at least some drama judging by the front right wing.  Jump a few years forward and onto something a little faster…