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So, whilst the Datsun community North and South did their thing, the community also had a bit of a get together.  Being oldschool caters for as many vehicles as are made, the variety is exquisite though it can always be improved upon so if you’re into old cars then be sure to join up to the forums and participate in as many events as possible.  Keeping in mind the next Nationals will be early next year (I’ll advise of specifics in another entry at a later date).  Though I dig all the vehicles in attendance, I do have some favourites.  Top of that is this little sucker;

Lees 1951 Ford Coupe.  Magic.

Lee's 1951 Ford Coupe. Magic.

Lee was the man with the plan, the one in charge of organising the Hawkes Bay, Labour Weekend Gathering that’s affectionately known as Hawkes Boes.  He had helpers of course and so thanks goes out to everyone involved for providing what sounds to have been such a fantastic get together for all involved.

Enough blather from me, onto the pictures of cars, dammit!  (more…)

That’s right, not more than one week after I sold the ’81 DR30 RS sedan on behalf of the elderly people down the line, two more examples have appeared on trademe. Maybe its presence caused a small snowball effect, who knows really.

anyway, first up is a white ’83 N/A pre-facelift (even though carjam lists it as an ’84). It’s no showroom example, has done over 200,000km and needs some rust repair work in the usual place for a WOF (front chassis rail behind the guard) but with the reserve met at $400 who’d have any reason to complain? It even has the good old 3-slat grille still.

Triple Slat Slam

A couple of things don’t sit quite right about this car, most notably the facelift HR30 tail lamps and bootlid with SKYLINE applique, and also the weird blue and grey interior which is actually from a GT-EX sedan like this one, but the seller’s included a build plate photo which more or less confirms its DR30-ness. Most likely one with half the options ticked.

Number two is another N/A sedan of sedan-ness, also an ’83 (a good year). Exterior shots are yet to arrive but I’m betting it’s not gonna be an iron nose. from the interior photos it seems well-kept, almost like the old folks’ one. Reserving judgment until more photos arrive but the kms are lower, it’s got a WOF, and it’s only $1700. Sounds good eh?

sheepskin covers, awesome!

I get the feeling NZ isn’t quite ready to accept the DR30 as a bona-fide cult car…

MAX Excitement!

October 29, 2009

It’s been an exciting last few days for me, in that yesterday I received one parcel from Japan, via Palmerston North and today I received another. The first parcel had come via Palmerston North as it had stuff from Yahoo! Auctions Japan, (bought for us kindly by Ewan @ Hayatonka) for both myself and for my friend Richard (Snoozin), so it got sent to him for him to be able to extract his bits and then was passed further onto me.

The first box contained parts that I had bought blind for the Daihatsu Max, they had been listed strangely and on the off chance they were correct for the vehicle, I gave it a stab.  Of course a few days later the correct stuff popped up so I grabbed them regardless, which turned out to be a good idea as the first Ring Set I bought was way off.  I assume for a 500cc or greater engine.  I think the Air Filter though, might still be usable;

You have to love the packaging, Black and Red spots.  Nice.  Also included in the first box was something that will appeal to those who enjoy my “Guess the Car” blog entries.  (more…)

As you may have noticed yesterday in the entry below this one, I did a minor showing of the South Island Akaroa cruise, today’s little blurb is about the North Island’s efforts.   The annual North Island Labour Weekend Cruise held by the forums makes Taupo it’s point of interest.  Though the numbers were not at a level of the South Island efforts the cruise was just as entertaining for those involved.  The problem of course with classic cruises of any nature is being your car is getting on in years and is often a project, it’s hard for all members to attend.  (I’m testament to this in the both my options, the S21 Skyline and the C110 Skyline are not on the road currently)  What I love about having “Datsun” events as opposed to say, Z or Skyline events is the variety of cars that show up and are welcomed.  The North Island event was proof of this, as such;

C20, 510, KB210, D21, S130, 510

…and a video too for those who love the moving pictures.

You can view the rest of the pictures and the chatter on website.


Though the majority of the public use Labour Weekend as a happy family retreat or escape (or some of us still have to work all but the Monday) the Datsun community has been known for a few years now to hold cruises in both the North and South Islands.  The southern enthusiasts who congregate in the forums generally head to Akaroa, the majority of them are based in Christchurch so an Akaroa cruise is simple, scenic and makes a lot of sense.  This year was set apart from others from my perspective in that a man with an eye and some decent equipment, took his camera and his S12 Silvia along and shot some fantastic pictures which I will share with you, the lovely readers.  The first shot that caught my eye was this;

Pillarless 330 Sedan

Pillarless 330 Sedan

Oh hell yeah!  This car belongs to Aaron, a chap I met in person just recently at the Alexandra Blossom Fest. Drag Racing, he also owns a 330 Wagon and recently sold his 330 Pillared Sedan, not to mention the C110 Hardtop he bought off a good friend of mine down here.  A well en-datsun’d chap, no doubt.