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If you’re interested in importing/buying parts, cars, etc. from Japan then you’ll want to talk to Ewan @ Hayatonka.  He’s able to buy off Yahoo! Auctions Japan and is an entirely helpful chap.  Fire him an email via his website.  Mention this website when you do so, it might help!  (It might not too ;) it’s worth a try though) you can view my experience with Hayatonka here;

If you own a business and you would like to provide any service or discount to the viewers or members of retro-classics, the doing of which would entitle you to a link to your firm on this page. If you’re interested in contributing to the costs of maintenance of the hosting, blog and forums, the same option applies.

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  • Ron Stewart says:

    hi do you know of any Bellet hub caps for sale – 4 in total. 1968 model

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