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Browsing of the forums has once more netted some amazing photos of vehicles, this time around it’s from Swedish member “Hot Rod Nisse”.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking as they’re beyond description.

Opel "Rat"

Probably my favourite of all the cars shown in the photos is this early 4th Generation Opel Kapitän.  Beautiful.  I would go so far as to say I would even take one over a 1949 Mercury Eight.  Which for me, is a pretty huge thing as the Mercury Eight is one of my most adored cars of all time.

Opel Kapitän

Opel Kapitän (rear)


Simple yet evocative.

Ken, Mary and the Holy Ghost?

But wait, there’s more!

Hatosan KenMeri Body on Yahoo! Photos Japan »

The morning browse on the Japanese Nostalgic Car forums lead to an interesting find.  This event was held in the Nederlands recently and the turnout and variation of the cars involved was nothing short of impressive.   Check it out;

Suzuki Fronte 360 (LC10)

Subaru Coupe on Slot Mags


The savanna banana is finally road legal after nearly two years of delays and frustration. I guess being patient really did pay off, as experiencing the refined performance of the 12A “Impact Turbo” never fails to put a massive grin on my face.

now I know why people constantly rave on about the incredible sorcery that is the Wankel engine!

Savanna RX-7 Onehunga '10 (by decypher the code)

Rotary Turbo

Complete writeup forthcoming, or if you don’t want to wait check out the project thread here:

1985 Savanna RX-7 turbo project thread on »

Came across this freakin’ awesome piece o’ kit while doing the daily Yahoo Used Car trawl… I’ll let this plaque do the talking.

Specially Tuned by Special Engine Maker!