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Occasional browsing on YAJ (Yahoo! Auctions Japan) for wheels can bring up some interesting and sometimes surprisingly cheap wheels.  What you soon discover however, is that the exponential price increase factor in wheels is the width.

Although these wheels are still quite spendy, were they the same width and offset in an SSR Mk.II, Mk.III, Work Equip, RS-Watanabe, Hayashi Street or any of the other more detailed design centres, their price would be easily double what it is now.

10" Wide - That makes these the Front Pair.

12" Wide - That'll be the Rears then.

They’re not my thing at all but for those just after outright width while retaining the Japanese connection they’re a fairly solid route to take.

Now of course if they are your thing and you’re interested in purchasing them, just hit up Ewan from with the auction links and he’ll be able to help you out.


We’ll do a full feature on this at a later date, until then;

Photos by Orion

Shared on JNC by Kuroneko, this stop-motion video made me chuckle enough to want to share it with you guys;


With the Great Race only a few days away, I figure what time would be better than now to share a few sweet Bathurst Videos, we’ll start with this one, just because I like the year 1979 for some reason;