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Made some significant progress today with the retro audio project – one of the decks is nowe fully modified for AUX-in operation. Here’s the quick’n'nasty rundown and demonstration video:

The next logical step is to create some sort of circuit to allow full switching between cassette and AUX, but that involves pulling one of my expensive functional cassette players apart so I’ll come back to this in the new year.

Springs, over-rated?

I finally got around to doing something to the height of the Sunny coupe.  I borrowed some spring compressors (as seen on the lower right of the shot) and played around with the fronts.  I got it down about 2½” in the front which is still about 1″ clear of the tyre, before turning on the rear and taking about 1½” out there which has lowered and evened it up (previously the rear was a bit lower).  There’s not really any more to take before having to alter the shock absorbers, which I’m not about to do in a hurry.  Money spending will be done on the 110, not the 310.


So, it’s been quite the long while since I’ve have the time or indeed the ability to post up on here and for that, I apologise.  Things got a little hectic for me, a new job, new house, no internet. A slight shift in priorities.  During this time I also let one of my cars go.  A good friend of mine had expressed and interest in the old Cedric and traveled the length of the country to retrieve it (well to be fair he cheated using a plane for some of it) but another friend and owner of a certain deathly awesome Celica traveled the full length via road in his celestial dragon steed.

The resulting awesome of having two really good cunts stay at your place for a few days looks something like this;

Day before Departure

The 260 made the drive back from Invercargill to Auckland with very few issues which I was very glad to hear and a small transformation and serious tidy is on the cards, it’s in better hands now than it was under my ownership.

Dirty ol' Celica

Some of you may recognise the Celica.  It’s powered by a 1UZ causing many cries of “Gosh, that’s neat!”, it’s quite the car to ride in.

So.  With the Sunny as the daily, the Cedric under new ownership and a new job, the 110 is starting to get a bit of attention, not enough, but a bit.  Completion is still a ways off but parts are starting to be accumulated again.  Yussssssss.