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How could I not?  New purchase and all…

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S47 日産 セドリック – 1972 Datsun 260C H230


Though the majority of the public use Labour Weekend as a happy family retreat or escape (or some of us still have to work all but the Monday) the Datsun community has been known for a few years now to hold cruises in both the North and South Islands.  The southern enthusiasts who congregate in the forums generally head to Akaroa, the majority of them are based in Christchurch so an Akaroa cruise is simple, scenic and makes a lot of sense.  This year was set apart from others from my perspective in that a man with an eye and some decent equipment, took his camera and his S12 Silvia along and shot some fantastic pictures which I will share with you, the lovely readers.  The first shot that caught my eye was this;

Pillarless 330 Sedan

Pillarless 330 Sedan

Oh hell yeah!  This car belongs to Aaron, a chap I met in person just recently at the Alexandra Blossom Fest. Drag Racing, he also owns a 330 Wagon and recently sold his 330 Pillared Sedan, not to mention the C110 Hardtop he bought off a good friend of mine down here.  A well en-datsun’d chap, no doubt.


Kevs Volkswagen Beetle

Kev's Volkswagen Beetle

You may remember this car being featured last month (A Lust for Rust) well the latest on it is that it’s now completely legal.  After a few minor delays it made it’s way to the doom of the warrant man and failed.  With only minor things needing to be remedied it was soon back to get it’s lovely legal sticker of road going hilarity.  With much thanks to Raizer from and the owner of the bug, Kev we’ve got a stack of pictures of it for you to view.  If you’re after any of them in any more than 1024×768, then just ask and I’ll put the word out to Raizer.  You can enjoy a few more samples and the link to the album further down the page.  (more…)

Hakosuka versus Corona

Hakosuka versus Corona

Sadly only available in 1024 x 768, scanning the smaller images from my almost 30 year old book doesn’t give a much better resolution than that irrespective of DPI.

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Nissan / Prince S20 Engine Cut-away

Prince / Nissan S20 Engine Cut-away

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retro-classics Wallpaper 11 – S20 Cut-away in 1600×1200

If you’re unaware of what the S20 is, it was the power-plant behind many racing victories for Nissan in the PGC10 and KPGC10 2000GT-R as well as being used in the Nissan FairladyZ 432 and 432R and the KPGC110 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R.