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If I had infinite money and storage space, building something like this would be high on my list of things to do.

Oh yes.

Although I probably wouldn’t go the RB 6cyl route like most – instead I’d fit a VH41DE V8… voila, instant tow wagon with some grunts! Mash on a GTS-X front, possibly investigate converting to an IRS rear end, hit up R31HOUSE for some other bits and pieces… ah yes, one can dream.

red one!



Back to that Fender…

January 20, 2010

You may remember this fender, being that I only just posted about it recently.  Well after all my running about today I figured I might as well be MORE productive and get stuck back into it to fill my “Something on the C110 Daily” quota.

Today I started with this;

Yeah, it's so awesome.

First port of call was the rott spot at the bottom of the guard.

3mm Finishing Filler, 1mm Regular filler, Metric Fuckload of "Fibre Bog"

Oh, but why use fibre bog/filler/Nu-Tech/New-Tec (whatever the fuck it’s called).  Well, obviously to fill holes with instead of using steel. Afterall, someone else has previously brazed in a repair patch into the bottom of the guard, why carry on?  Why not just slap some bullshit in it.  If you need proof that the rust hole was bad before the bog made it’s way in, then check out how the back of the bog looks after being dug out;



January 20, 2010

Today was a good day, I got a few things done including something I’ll post about later but one of the joys of today was the amount of amazing old cars kicking about.  Though I didn’t get pictures of everything, I did get a few which I’ll share with you now.  My first spot today was a Citroen Dyane that I can only imagine (amongst the three other Citroen’s I saw, a DS, XM & 2CV) was down due to the recent Citroen National Event that was held in Dunedin only a few days previous;

Mean. Love it.

The second sweet car I took some photos of I’ll make a seperate post about shortly but the next one I’ll share here is what appears to be a recently re-painted Toyota Corolla KE26, which is surprisingly well wheeled for Invercargill;

Tidy Corolla Wagon

The next tidy little beast was parked right in front of the Corolla so it made getting a photo quite easy, you’ll see it in the rear shot of the wagon;

Check out that "Lady's" Ass.

…and so the front of the Mini looks as such;

but... you're already IN, Invercargill

As well as these I saw a mint old Holden Wagon and a number of other things that I usually see out and about and so they’ve skipped my mind.

Good day though.  Hope you enjoyed the selection.