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August 31, 2010

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of updates, I had a lot of time invested in trying to get a job at the local Honda dealership.  Unfortunately after two interviews they found another more worthy of the position.  Both depressing and annoying but that’s how things roll.  Speaking of things that roll though.  A car recently came up for sale on local auction site,  the interesting thing about this car being for sale on trademe was mostly the price that the reserve was set at given that several months prior the owner had tried to sell it on the Datsun forums with little luck because of the (what I would call) exorbitant price.  I made contact back then (Dec. 2009) and was told a price several hundred over and above what it was bought for and was essentially denied the chance to look over it.  I guess occasionally time passing can be beneficial however as now once my brother has finished using it for daily duties whilst his VB110 is in the panelshop, this little beasty will come into my possession;

Datsun Sunny 1.5ZX

This was taken just as we got it, I’ve already removed the side mouldings and polished the sides (it was too sunny (OHPUN!) and bright to polish the top surfaces that particular day.  I’ll get onto them at some stage though.  So it needs that finished off and some different wheels and a healthy but not ridiculous dose of slam.  I wanna be like Rob, eg;

Rob of RIVERSIDE during a subtle slam period.

All in due course.  Priority for me is still to sell the H230 and use that money to fix the C110.


This little kamera thing on my iph-phod is starting to come in useful!

First run of squid in 3 months; had to put in 95 out of an old jerry can I had lying around and didn’t want to rev it due to the oil pump making a horrendous whining noise. I’m pretty sure the pickup is blocked thanks to the dent in the sump, which is a common problem on FJ20s.

Especially ones that were super-lowdown configured in Japan, as squid was.

Nevertheless, the sump shall come off and then we will see exactly what’s going on. Onward and upward as they say!

More information and a bunch of videos can be found here. Nothing quite like watching a field of done-up old classics duking it out.

TE27 leading the pack

also – if you ain’t got overfenders and a front lip kit, you are NOBODY!

H230, MC21, C110, L38

I took this photo the other night as a snapshot of the current state of my projects. It’s shows all but the S21 Prince which is stored elsewhere.   Now if only I had the cash to finish these damn things off!


This guy clearly needs a haircut.

Once again Taupo put on some magnificent weather for the RR invitational trackday this past Saturday… (cue Tui ad). OS regulars Philip Weston LMVD, Tomstament and myself were fortunate enough to attend, with Phil the only one willing to brave the elements and partake in a full day of unintentional D1s around the extremely wet track (resulting in Lard developing a BHG later that afternoon… bugger!). One of my mate’s mates even showed up in an Alfa 75 TS which he proceeded to give absolute death, resulting in the diff eventually welding itself together.