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2010 OS Nats Poker Run

February 28, 2010

Escaped the hideous humidity of Auckland on a whim late Friday night and headed to Taupo to catch up with the boes (and boettes) of the car club at the annual Nationals. While I didn’t manage to make it to trackday I did stick around for the poker run on Saturday, the subsequent cruise, and requisite OTP afterwards. Good times were had by all, and Taupo is great this time of year!

flickr album link after the jump.

OS Nats poker run - Taupo 2010 (by decypher the code)

Skyline of 10-5

OS Nats poker run - Taupo 2010 (by decypher the code)

Cazza and Team Girl Squad in the Mk1 Escort

OS Nats poker run - Taupo 2010 (by decypher the code)



OK, so a lot of us have seen pictures of the Prototype Works KPGC110 Race Car. However, have you heard it? You can now.


These videos were linked to on by ‘mini mafia’  I knew from before I even looked that I would have to share them with you all.  Awesome.


sweet random snap from a recent discussion thread about Skylines and race livery. I quite like the Calsonic colour(s) myself, even though I’ve never been a large fan of blue cars. (It’s second only to the DR30 Silhouette red’n'black in my books, but that’s a given!)

Of equal interest is the large MIKUNI logo on the wall in the background… now how sweet would that be on a t-shirt?!

Number 24, Calsonic HR31

but riddle me this: who drove the #24 car, and when? The only one I remember is #12.

Well, almost. Still gotta sort out some proper front seats to match the rest of the interior trim, find some O.Z Racing centre caps for the rims, and buy some Cusco adjustable camber top mounts via Ewan @ hayatonka…

But other than that I’m actually signing off on one of my projects for the first time! (the “I’m finished!” post from last year now seems a little bit premature in hindsight, but ah well.) let’s hope that neither banana nor squid take as long to complete!

here’s an up-to-date photo of the car as it sits now. More after the jump.

I’m fairly confident this is the only TX3 of its condition left in this country… possibly the world? What a maddening thought.

TX3 industrial '10 (by decypher the code)

front view

TX3 industrial '10 (by decypher the code)

obligatory '80s vehicle decals