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Having read on several websites and having seen the outrage amongst retro and classic car enthusiasts in both the UK and the US and with talk of NZ’s retarded mule government just latching on to a global trend like a South Auckland teenager does to US Rap Culture.  It’s good to see not everyone is quite that blind.  Local Auction website Turners Auctions is trying another tact.  Rather than just killing these vehicles thusly contributing nothing of any means to anyone who might actually been using and maintaining their cars for as long as possible (the “greenest” of all options, if you think buying a newly spat out Hybrid vehicle is a “green” option then you’re simply retarded) they’re offering to collect (within reason) and sell without profit on their part old and dis-used vehicles, just to keep them from rotting or dying somewhere horrid and leaking their contents into the earth (not that that actually happens tremendously often in reality)

You can read more about Turner’s plans on their own website, here;

I for one would like to commend Turners of their take on this scheme and I hope that many cars that would otherwise be neglected can now be moved onto people who can take full advantage of them.

Bravo Turners, recycling at it’s greatest and thanks to Pete (retep130) on for the headsup.


After logging on this morning, I checked my blogroll, as you do, and stumbled upon what at first glance seemed an interesting (but not tremendously so) post on the JNC (Japanese Nostalgic Car) blog.  It showed a RHD Bluebird 411 in the US that had apparently been imported to the US from little NZ of all places and not only that, but…

Southland Motor Group, Invercargill.

Southland Motor Group, Invercargill.

Nice.  You can read more about it on the JNC blog here; Kidney Anyone?

Or if you’re that way inclined you could buy it from eBay here; Datsun 411 For Sale

Always amusing to see tales or things that have come from little old Invercargill and have made their presence known elsewhere.   Obviously Goodbye Pork-Pie and Burt Munro are probably the most commonly known of such things though I’m sure there’s more.  This little Bluebird obviously isn’t of that ilk though is still interesting.


Wherefore art thou, shades?

August 27, 2009

from the day I bought my latest AW11 MR2 I’ve been slightly annoyed by its lack of interior t-top shades, which makes driving in direct sunlight a bit of a drain at times (the sunvisors are of limited use).

63301A and 63302A, is it really too much to ask for?

So ever the completist/OCDist (depending on who you talk to) I set about tracking down a decent pair of the blasted things. Now most AW11 owners will tell you the t-top shades along with the facelift front lip valance are the two most incredibly difficult items to obtain replacements of. Turns out they were only partially right, as within a day I had tracked down a brand new front lip valance (ex Toyota Japan, no less; those people I see whinging on MR2 forums ought to do their homework better!) but the shades proved to be far more elusive, and what I hadn’t prepared myself for was the pricing: a whopping $925 per side provided Toyota still had new old stock lying around… screw that idea.


Oh the shame

August 26, 2009

Using my own blog to sell random things I’ve acquired and need to get rid of to pave the way for the C110 getting back onto the road, better than ever;

1989 Nissan Terrano Turbo RZ, $3000 o.n.o

1989 Nissan Terrano Turbo RZ

C110 Hardtop Blue Interior

C110 Hardtop Blue Interior

and much, much (more…)

If you can’t figure out the title.  This should clear it up for you;

Awesomeness, am I right?  Hell yeah I am.  These pictures and many, many more are taken by (as the watermark says) Juho Peltola, to see the rest of them I suggest you follow the links; (more…)