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Ah, the things you find when searching for RX-7 memorabilia on the internerds!

Back in good ol’ 1985, owning a Mazda RX-7 meant Serious Business. So serious, in fact, that the official RX-7 Club of America produced its own line of contemporary clothing, including a very swish John Player Executive jacket for the guys, and a whole range of fashion accessories and publications.

Best worn with Ludicrous Shades, Your Best Pornstache, and Judas Rockin’ Priest blasting out the stereo!

RX-7 Fashion '85! Pastel and big hair galore.

...and rocking jackets with nothing underneath.

with thanks to – home of the largest collection of out-of-print Mazda manuals.

Another special delivery courtesy of Ewan @ hayatonka arrives at my doorstep… or as the case may be, on my desk at work. Ironically enough, it was cheaper AND faster to send it via seamail, instead of in the latest container. Go figure!

And on that bombshell, the epic parts collection mission for squid which has taken somewhere in the order of two and a half years and gobbled up over ten thousand dollars has finally concluded.

The part in question? A mere Pioneer component audio cradle, model ADT-N202E, new old stock, and as rare as hen’s teeth. This is a genuine aftermarket part manufactured especially for the R30 Skyline, back when the Lonesome Carboy range of component audio gear was really popular and people were adding tape decks, equalizers and the whole shebang to their cars – Pioneer definitely doesn’t make stuff like this anymore!

Gotta love how understated 1980s Pioneer packaging is.

The idea is to remove the factory lower console and bolt this cradle in its place which then provides space for two extra audio components. No issues for me since the lower console is long gone in squid, and in its place currently sits an ugly Kenwood 2-DIN headunit that I have no particular emotional attachment to…

Contents of box.

Fitting instructions included, all in Japanese of course. The detail of the OEM console diagram is astounding given this is an aftermarket part!

Looks like a cinch to install!

Hopefully I’ll have some time one upcoming evening or weekend to dummy-fit the cradle and the cassette deck I have lying around. Question is, do I fit an extra amp or an equalizer in that second space?

Choose wisely, young would-be Jedi.

After selling my white T-top MR2 SC, I lasted all of two weeks before giving in to temptation and commenced searching for another AW11 to trundle around in for everyday duties.

If anyone’s keeping count, this is number five.

Test drove a couple of examples up here in Auckland and was severely disappointed by a) price, b) various mechanical faults, and c) an endemic reluctance on the part of each seller to negotiate a) based on b). Gave Ewan @ hayatonka a call as well, but a search of the auctions and yards in Japan yielded no results within budget, apart from a couple examples with major rust that would never have passed compliance here in NZ without $$$$ worth of repairs :doubt:

Then just as I was about to give up, I received a phone call from a good friend in Wellington saying that one of his mates was selling a tidy hardtop manual AW11 SC, in more or less standard condition, and was I interested at all?

And it's all over you. Electric Blue.


Much like the “FC3S Infini has more power than the regular version!” rumour floating around the internet and countless forums*, there exists a similar old wives tale regarding the “smoked” (or facelift) tail lamps on the R30 Skyline.

I’ve now lost count of the number of times (no doubt Michael has as well) I’ve seen the dark coloured HR30 smoked tail lamps being advertised as DR30 ones, and usually with a hefty price premium attached. Simply speaking, when the facelift R30 range was released Nissan decided that they would set the DR30s apart in more ways than just the glaringly obvious front-end treatment by subtly colouring the backing of the rear lamps a different shade of grey to the HR30 ones.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

HR30 on left, DR30 on right. The difference in shading isn't a trick of the light

This is not to say, of course, that facelift HR30 lamps aren’t worth anything – in fact, they’re still worth quite a bit of coin – but yeah, just some misinformation that I thought I would clear up once and for all.

And no, my HR30 lamps ARE NOT for sale, don’t bother asking.

*they DON’T have more power, interestingly enough – see this link for proof

A recent post on the JNC forums reminded me of this article I had in a magazine.  I spent a while trying to find the magazine amongst the pile of them that I have, eventually coming to the conclusion that I left it with ANOTHER pile at my brother’s place.  In the end, I found it and here it is for you to read.  Interesting (I think) that it was mentioned in an Australian sports car magazine but then not really ever again, despite it’s success in Japan and the popularity of the previous GT-B in Australia.