Hello all, my name is Alex but I’m better known on the internet as Durty.

I figured I would write a wee introduction about me and the cars i have owned.

I owned a 1984 Toyota Starlet, followed by a Civic, Sentra and a Cordia

Then one day kyteler posted a link on to a trademe auction for my first Volvo, a 1978 Volvo 264. I managed to buy it for $215 and never actually did anything with it due to it blowing a headgasket and some idiots biffing rocks through the windows

but now i was hooked, two 1982 244′s followed in quick succession


Introducing Cam…

December 21, 2008

Hi there,
I’m another contributor here… some of you may know me from , you poor people.

For those that don’t, I’m Cameron, I’m 23, I live in New Zealand.

Without going into a long winded history of what I’m into, what I’ve owned and what I’ve failed at, I’ll just chuck up a couple of pics of my current fleet and give a summary….
I’ve been into cars since day dot. First car was an oldie, then I started getting into newer stuff…. something was missing… character. Buckets and buckets of character… My current fleet shows how I’ve been trying to make up for this ever since.



December 17, 2008

oh hais!

Chief En-gnear kyteler has asked for some voluntary contributory services to his blog-thing, so here I am all ready to roll.

dee are furdee

1983 DR30 Skyline coupe

for those fortunate enough to not already know of me: I collect junk from the ’80s, and said collection of junk happens to contain a car or two (or three… or four) – see above for one such example. “Oldschool” technology has always fascinated me, and the ’80s Japanese sports car combines the best mechanical, electronic, and aesthetic finesse of that particular era into one neat package.


Brief Introduction.

December 15, 2008

Starting with introductions, as one does.

This blog section will eventually be a contributing (though currently the only) part to a website that I hope will cater for cars and talk about cars, and other automotive related things of a retro and classic nature (as the title suggests). Though I love all things automotive, I do inparticularly enjoy the aesthetics and characteristics of cars from a pre-1990 era.