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If I had money
Like Henry Ford…
Lord I’d have me a

RS200, aww yeah

Only $235,000!

lyrics – Clutch, Electric Worry

As mentioned in the preview at the tail-end of last week.  This event was held over the Gisborne region during the last several days.  From what I have seen from photographs it proved to be an event worthy of attending if classics are your thing and they are most certainly mine so it will be another added to the list.

Shiloh of Raizer Images has kindly provided coverage to of the event.  Many interesting cars attended, here’s a short selection and you’ll find a link to the Gallery of images at the bottom of the entry.

Ford Cortina MkI

E-Type Jaguar being thrown about


Event: be a chop, 2010

March 28, 2010

Daytripped down to Whangamata on Saturday afternoon to experience the festivities of the 2010 Hop. The atmosphere reminded me slightly of New Years’, except with more old people present and far less police making the rounds.

'56 windsor (by decypher the code)

1956 Chrysler Windsor, chilling in the park

Unfortunately, a lot of said old people seemed rather grumpy – perhaps they ran out of beer too early? – and a few couldn’t grasp the concept of someone with a nice camera walking around taking photos of cool cars. Do I really look like that much of a tourist? I swear I felt like the only Asian for miles.


With much thanks going out to Shiloh of ‘Raizer Images’ I will have a collection of photos from this show that’s taken place over the last few days and the coming weekend.  Here’s a quick preview;

1928 Mercedes SSK

1972 Renault Fourgon