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Not really retro or classic but I have huge love for the S13 Silvia and whilst browsing what was available ex-Japan (cheaper than the ridiculous prices locals ask for their cars) I stumbled upon this old track warrior;

GT-300 Class awesomeness.

How freakin’ cool would it be to own this?  If my poor translation of the text is to be believed, for reasons unknown it’s FJ20-powered ex-DR30.  It also triggers memories of modifying cars to “Race-spec” on Gran Turismo and ending up with this exact wide-body setup.  Love it.

It could be yours too, for a cool 2,500,000JPY

It means business.

My brief attempt to find any photos of it racing resulted in massive doses of fail.  I did find a tiny photo that showed the NISMO Calsonic 32 leading a different S13 around a corner but that’s about it asides from a diecast with this wide-body.  If anyone has any luck with GT-300 photographs showing one of these kitted 13′s or this particular one racing, let me know!  In the meantime, here’s the auction…


Not sure about the wheels at all but the car itself taking on the track and the rain, what’s to not like?

Modern rims? eeh, not no much...

This and previous photograph courtesy of GTNet


Inspiration; 110 Again.

June 29, 2011

I just had a little bit of potentially fruitful news which could mean there will be decent progress happening on the 110-Project in the not tooooo distant future.  As such, take this!

GT Challenge Cup, Japan

Cool as this is, mine won’t look quite like that.  Still, it’s awesome.

Dear, Please gift me all available KGC110 items from your catalogue.  Your friend, Michael.

Damn, those dished Works fill the guards nicely on this AW. I wonder what the measurements are?

Red Two, standing by.

Photo courtesy of minkara

Combine a 12 volt battery, a GM-4M amp, a KP-707G cassette deck/graphic EQ combo, a speaker I pulled out of my old AW11, and an old tape I had lying around… clearly I had nothing better to do this evening.

The setup will eventually be going into the RX-7 anyway, so it was a useful test if nothing else.