All well and good that the ’80s Jap trend is starting to take off… but are dealers taking the piss?

it's red, like a fire engine.

$13,000 for an automatic HR31 GTS-X with 150,000 clicks. Also the vehicle “has not been tampered with” and yet it’s sporting a flash new “Philips Bluetooth” audio system… go figure. I should go down there in the KDR30 and ask to take it for a test drive – who knows, they might offer me $2000 minimum trade on the HR31!

this yard could learn a thing or two from this listing (been on trademe for close to 2 years with no takers) or this one (been on trademe for 18 months and is now being offered for $1 reserve) – namely, you can’t just bring anything in and list it for an exorbitant amount; most enthusiasts and/or anyone specifically looking to buy should have already done their research and have slightly more sense than that (ain’t Goo-net a wonderful thing?)

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