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Random snap: White Omoris

June 26, 2013

Another trio of classic Omoris, this time in black-on-white with red needles.


…and if you’re curious to see what they look like when backlit – click here.

Gauge backlighting DIY

March 17, 2013

So as it turns out, none of the three Omori gauges I bought for squid came with functional backlighting.

For that authentic 1980s look.

Which is all kinds of odd; you’d expect maybe one or two to at least work partially, however for the price and the age of the equipment I suppose I shouldn’t complain, especially since a pretend sparky like me can easily replace the old-style bulbs with LEDs for a slightly more modern twist!

Armed with a disassembly guide I’d found on the interwebs and a few trusty tools, I set to work… (more…)

For several years now, whenever I traverse the lonely Waipapa Road to Taupo I’ve always found myself stopping at this particular gravel lay-by for a rest and a quick photo of the car I happen to be driving at the time.

Usually you’re the only person around for miles, and the tranquility is stunning.

Different year, different car.

Here are some older shots from over the years: 2007, 2007 again, 2008, 2010.

Out and about in the RX-7, on a beautiful summer’s evening, in search of catharsis.

what do you go home to?

…and somewhere quiet to snap a photo or two.

Happy New Year to all retro-classics readers :)

You know you have a good daily when the damn thing just keeps on soldiering on and on and on! Apart from needing to change a front right wheel bearing/hub carrier for a WOF, the last year of AW11 motoring has been relatively trouble-free. This car has just ticked over 242,000km and really exemplifies the meaning of “reliable daily driver”!

So over the holiday break I decided to give the MR2 a bit of attention and swap over the black interior that’s been lurking in the depths of my shed for over a year. This entailed gutting the whole cabin on what seemed like the hottest two days of summer so far, and then spending another two days of re-assembly. The results were worth it in the end though!

Goodbye tacky smurf/electric blue.

With the black interior I guarantee the cabin temperature will be a thousand times worse while sitting in the sun, so I should probably re-gas the A/C like I said I was gonna… (more…)