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Choiceness! Ewan’s (of hayatonka.com) Celica recently made an appearance on one of the Minkara blogs I browse regularly. Looks like these photos were taken in the parking lot at the 2011 Nagoya Nostalgic Car Show. Very cool to see the Celica making the rounds and attracting a whole heap of attention over in Japland.

Definitely turning heads.

Especially with this setup “lurking” under (and over) the bonnet! (more…)

More of this and of the 2011 Classic Speed Fest. in the coming days, it’s taking a lot longer to go through the photos than I anticipated.

Snoozin's Mk.II Triumph Mk.II reaches a conclusion

Amongst the misty mountain trails…

Zeb's 260C-izzle

Slide-ways Retro

…or the Dunedin hillsides.  One of the two.


Man, I almost wish I lived in America, for the first time in my life.

"Insert TrendwhoreStanceflushNationSlamWeinerSlogan"

I wonder if this will see the Kenmeri getting a bit more exposure or rather saturation in the US scene.  Likely so.  That’s the last thing I need, prices for parts getting even worse, hahah.  Still though, amazing prize.  Someone is going to be a very lucky chap or chapette, especially after they sell the TE37V’s of ultimate bland off it and put something decent on.

(found via Eric @ JDM Legends)


Possibly the last entry on this.  These pictures surfaced just the other day, taken by ‘ShavenYak’ the owner of the sweet old Hiace van you’ll see in the following pictures…

Torana, Hiace, Commodore, Cedric & Rodeo.

Celica, Celica, Celica, Celica, Celica, Civic.