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To try and recover from the thoughts of a Skyline SUV, I offer to you this video (shared by Steve, cheers man) It’s part of a series of 7 videos which I’ve provided all links for but this one in-particular (Part 2 of 7) shows a BLSI being thrown around on the track with old Toyota Crown’s and the like. It’s pretty brave stuff! If you’re not interested in the rest of the videographic Prince History (despite the narration being in Japanese) thenjust skip to around 3:55 and watch from then on.

If you’re interested in the rest, just click (more…)

Skyline Crossover SUV.

June 29, 2009

I apologise for the lack of classic or retro in this post but I was just over browsing on the Japanese Nissan Motor Co. website and stumbled across the links to a CROSSOVER vehicle. I investigated further only to discover that they’re making a Skyline SUV!

Nissan Skyline Crossover SUV

Nissan Skyline Crossover SUV

I have to say this has saddened me slightly, not only have Nissan split the GT-R off into it’s own category, they’ve diverted the rest of the Skyline range to an avenue that includes an SUV. Yuck. The only reason I can think of doing it to to take another stab at Porsche who offer their own “Performance” SUV, the Cayenne.  (more…)

Nagoya Classic Car Show

June 28, 2009

For your viewing pleasure, we present an album of photos from last week’s Nagoya Classic Car show, taken by Ewan @ I guess this is the sort of grass-roots “nostalgic JDM” gathering that a lot of us can only dream about attending in person!

Ewans workmate showing off his chop-topped Cresta!

Ewan's workmate - showing off his chop-topped Cresta!

as they say, pictures tell a thousand words, so I don’t need to elaborate much further. Check out some choice cuts after the jump, or click here to access all 275 images. And of course, there was a sizable bosozoku contingent present as well.


Twelve vs. EightySix

June 26, 2009

I’ve always wanted to see a nice side by side of these two cars in a similar paint scheme, just to see what’s looks better.  Personally I think the Twelve takes it on everything but the side profile.  Judge for yourself;


Sea Are Ecks

June 26, 2009

Whilst I was plundering about for other things entirely I happened upon these images of the Honda CR-X, they’re quite easily the best examples of the CR-X I’ve seen. There was a minor fad in NZ for a time where people were running horrific amounts of (extra) plastic on their CR-X’s, lots of steel and mesh, over-sized exhausts, etc. These how-ever show how the car should be done;

Honda CR-X, Gen. I

Honda CR-X, Gen. I (Wide-body)

Awesome.  Click more, for uhh.. for more!