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…and all I got was this lousy sticker.


well, okay, in addition to the dealership sticker the car is also nice and shiny for the first time in close to a year; I’d forgotten how insanely good Meguiars NXT car polish was. Don’t think I’ll use anything else again.

Bring on the classic Jap meet this Saturday!

Introducing, my bootlid.

January 14, 2010

With Complimentary Rust and Incorrect Spoiler!

Some might look at that spoiler and think…

“That’s not too shabby, it’s close to the right one.  Why don’t you just keep it?”

It’s been a sore spot with me since I’ve had the car.  It’s a fibreglass replica spoiler for a Torana GTR-XU1.  It doesn’t fit correctly, the attempt at fitment is abysmal and has generated a lot of rust and cracked paint.  So today came time to remove it.  A task not as easy as one might think. (more…)

First Minkara spam of ’10

January 14, 2010

Because it’s apparently the best way to generate hits for your blog! Just spam multitudinal images from all over the show! Yeh boi! S I V E R R I D oh wait.

Let us start, then, with a mint-as-all-hell R31 wagon.

R31 Wagon