Automotive Die-casts

I wandered out to the shops today to get my little nephew a gift for his second birthday, I decided on trying to find some sort of sweet garage or dinky car play-set.   I ended up with a “Motor Max” one as the selection of such things was a combination of terrible and horrifically priced.

The largest problem with the set though was that it only came with two cars and they looked shit.   I was having none of that so I bought a couple of HotWheels cars to go with it instead;

Mazda RX7 S1 & BMW 2002 Turbo

I’ll not have any relation of mine putting up with shit-house pretend cars, sure.. he’s two, he’ll smash them up but at least they’ll look realistic.   Interestingly, the RX7 has JNC and JDM Legends decals on it.  I tried to find the HotWheels C110 so he could play with a car like his uncle owns, sadly they had none there and I don’t want to give him the one I bought ages ago, hahaha.


For someone who isn’t much of a diecast fan, I have amassed a small but hearty collection of DR30s…

From 1:18 right down to 1:89 scale.

the level of detail on the 1:18 Autoart is nothing short of breathtaking, especially when you have the Real Thing parked in the garage to compare it with. Check out some detail shots of it here.

A shame that my other 1:89 model, a Seibu Keisatsu Machine-RS, has gone missing. It used to be parked on my desk at the office but mysteriously disappeared one weekend. I blame the cleaners!

Mysterious thing.

September 11, 2009

So it would seem that Michael and I received our respective parcels from hayatonka within a few days of each other, because today I arrived at work to find an EMS delivery sitting in the logistics area addressed to me.

Ewan said I was gonna chuckle heartily upon seeing the box my stuff was packed in, and he was right. Problem is, so did the rest of the office!

my t-top shades arrived from Japan. In this box. People got the wrong idea.


Gifts from Japan

September 11, 2009

A few days ago, I got a txt from my brother to tell me there was a courier delivery card at his place for an item that had failed to be delivered.  My curiosity peaked.  I wasn’t expecting anything, what the hell could it be!?

Later that day I got an email from Ewan (, the link on the top left column) to tell me he’d sent the last little die-cast I had bought a while ago, as well as a few other little goodies that I might enjoy, as a gift for the extra traffic his website has received from mine and from the people I’ve directed towards him.   I was of course, happy to help and expected not to receive such things in return so I was intrigued as to what they might actually be!

The next day (being I have been ill the last few) I scurried down to the CourierPost depot with the tracking number my brother had txt me and claimed my parcel from Japan, scurried back home and ripped it open to find many fine things, starting with the little die-cast I had almost forgotten about;

So official right now

So genuine right now.


Legend(s).  We’ll start with the 1st Gen.  How often do you come across a Service/Shop Manual for the First Generation Prince Skyline and Skyway Sedans and Wagons? The answer, seldom.  The joy of small-ish town mechanics, service manual libraries, as that’s often where the magic lies and knowing a young chap with a classic car addiction who works in one, can only prove beneficial.  I received a txt today that my literature had arrived to be collected.  I shot down to the place to get it straight away and came home, ripped it open and found this;

1962 Prince Skyline/Skyway Shop Manual

1962 Prince Skyline/Skyway Shop Manual

More on that in a little bit, my other recent acquisition is this;

Takara TOMY - Nissan Skyline KPGC110 RC Car

Takara TOMY - Nissan Skyline KPGC110 RC Car

A little toy car that was brought to my attention by Lochlan, an member who lives in Japan, he asked if I would be interested in one, which I most certainly was.  I had completely forgotten about it when it arrived and I was well stoked.  I bought some AAA’s on the way home from work and proceeded to terrorize my girlfriend’s cat with it.  It was most amusing!