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Decrepit Cedric

December 30, 2009

Summer driving through the country-side always yields some interesting results, such as this 330-series Datsun 260C laying in what looks like it’s final resting place.


A good time in a small space?

December 29, 2009

Back at work again… what’s all this talk about an xmas break?

Anyway, I’ve been perusing the Google Books service a bit lately and there are all sorts of interesting magazines and articles from all eras to be found (a lot of them for free), including this nice little piece titled Japanese Micro-Mini Cars from a 1985 edition of Popular Mechanics. At the risk of sounding like a lazy contributor with nothing of his own to write, you should go read it.

No, not that sort of 'rex'

Not sure how I came across it, was originally looking for some Nikon camera articles – but that’s the wonder of teh innerwebs for you I guess.

(it’s almost worth looking through just to chortle at the contemporary print ads!)

Popular Mechanics, Jul 1985: Japanese Micro-Mini Cars »


December 28, 2009


December 23, 2009

I had a brief visit from a few friends this morning and so decided with the small amount of time available we’d shoot down the road quickly and take a few photos of our cars together.  The commonality being they’re all Inline-6, 2600cc, manufactured by Nissan.  Ignore their lacking in retro or classic this time around.

BNR32, H230, BNR32


VW Type 3 Fastback

December 22, 2009

You may recall a little while back I spotted a Type3 Fasty parked not far from my work and snapped a quick shot of it.  After it was posted I received a comment from Isaac, the owner of a Rat Rod, informing me of who it belonged to and where I could find the owner.  In the subsequent weeks I stumbled upon the owner (Tim) one morning before I started and we got to talking about it and other things, at that point in time I had a new camera coming and I asked whether he would mind if, once my camera had arrived, I took some photos of his car.  His answer was a positive one and he informed me of where is sat during the day so I could just roll on up and grab some shots where it sat.  Yesterday evening I did just that and here are the resulting photos;

Authorised Vehicles Only.