Alright guys with much thanks again from I have a few XL sized Historix Japan tshirts to give away.   Unfortunately I’m far too slight of frame to be able to use either of these shirts without looking like I’m trying to be an american gangster.


Historix Japan 2010 T-Shirts and 2011 Stickers

I also have a couple of stickers to go with as you can see in the picture, one for each shirt.

I apologise for the terrible photograph, my cameras are both flat and the cellphone was all I had.

If you’re interested, let me know what celestial car shares the “110″ as part of it’s name/code. (NOTE: It’s not a Nissan so don’t start with B110, S110, etc.) as with last month, all correct answers will go into a draw and two winner’s drawn from there.


P.S. I’ll notify the winner’s of last month’s competition soon.

It’s that time again but it’s already delayed by most of the month and as such rather than doing some manner of entry where I have to compile the entrants and pick a winner, we’ll do another FIRST IN, FIRST WIN!

Up for grabbity grabs this time around is a Toyota Celica XX, to be specific… THIS ONE;

ARII Owner's Club 1/24


You can see more about it and what the kitset contains via the Hobby website, here;

The question is…   (more…)

Choiceness! Ewan’s (of Celica recently made an appearance on one of the Minkara blogs I browse regularly. Looks like these photos were taken in the parking lot at the 2011 Nagoya Nostalgic Car Show. Very cool to see the Celica making the rounds and attracting a whole heap of attention over in Japland.

Definitely turning heads.

Especially with this setup “lurking” under (and over) the bonnet! (more…)

Having been through a myriad of components I would like for the 110, I thought it would be interesting to see what I could find that I would like for the Sunny that’s on the mighty YAJ.  Things for the Sunny seem a lot more sparse and sporadic in terms of availability compared to the 110.  Odd given the age difference and production numbers.  I guess though that the fan and support base for the 110 is just that much greater and there’s more parts that are shared with other cars vs. that of the Sunny which really only shares parts with other Sunnys.

First up, Genuine Nissan 8-spokes in 8J & 9J 150000JPY

…and of course, they’re not likely to fit within the stock bodywork which would mean I’d have to get some of these;

TSCup style B310 Flares 18000JPY

Then of course there would likely still be some issues with fitment unless I got some of these…


With Ewan bringing in another container shortly I’ve been looking on YAJ much more frequently and given that, I figured I might as well compose a bit of a dream list setup of parts I would love to get if I had the money.


Period Buckets, x2 = 60000JPY