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A recent post on put me into search mode on the stack of old car magazines I have at home, sadly I am yet to find what I am after but I did come across a few interesting things which I thought I would share with you.  This particular entry is a Road Test and a subsequent Advertisement for the same car, in the 1965 Australian ‘Wheels’ Magazine.

WARNING: The target image may cause those with 56k Modems to walk around the block before coming home to make a cup of tea to finish, before viewing.


After viewing the three parts of coverage that had of the Japanese MoonEyes Street Car Nationals (Part I, Part II, Part III) one particular car stuck in my head. Props to the builder of this fine piece of machinery;

Slammed and Shaved



Yeah… Z Honda, not Honda Z which is a car in it’s own right.  I was scoping out the F20C powered Sunbeam Minx thread on the ChevyTruck forums (weird place to find it, right?) and part way through the builder shared this link to YouTube of an S30Z with F20C motivation.  I dig it.

200rwhp. Not too shabby!


With Rally New Zealand 2010 just around the corner, today’s random retro snap is brought to you by the letters W, R and C.

Spotted in Japan – a meticulously recreated Familia WRC replica. The livery commemorates the 1989 Swedish Rally, where the BFMR famously took 1st place in the hands of driver Ingvar Carlsson (who sadly passed away in 2009). However, oddly enough, if you look closer this particular replica actually bears the decals of second works team driver Timo Salonen…


1989 was in fact a good year for Mazda Rally Team Europe, as Carlsson also went on to win Rally New Zealand later in the season, no doubt helping to kickstart this nation’s obsession with the Familia!

I sometimes dream of building an ’80s rallycar replica of my own, but it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon…

Wait... What?

I think this is possibly one of the coolest conversions I’ve ever seen.  Take 1x Y30 Cedric Wagon and graft on bits from a 720 Pickup.  Not only does it suit it right down to the ground on the face of it, but the detail done to the rear is also very staunch looking…