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The viewing of the motorsport at Bathurst was surprisingly tame, the crowds didn’t have anywhere near the ferocity I expected, the muted Holden and Ford fans seemed content to simply watch the race as opposed to get in each-other’s faces about whether the oval or the general was winning. The campsite as well seemed devoid of the expected rivalry and shenanigans, with only the occasional jibe when a car was driving past to “Get a Holden”. It’s worse at local NZv8 meets at Teretonga! This might speak to Australian bogans being slightly more civilised than New Zealand ones.

Anyway, enough jibber jabber, on with the photographic evidence;

The Classic Muscle Cars lining up on the Mt. Panorama grid.

I really wasn’t that fussed to watch the V8 SuperTaxi’s but the Australians throw their muscle cars around in this grid way more than we do in NZ and the racing was quite entertaining.


I wandered out to the shops today to get my little nephew a gift for his second birthday, I decided on trying to find some sort of sweet garage or dinky car play-set.   I ended up with a “Motor Max” one as the selection of such things was a combination of terrible and horrifically priced.

The largest problem with the set though was that it only came with two cars and they looked shit.   I was having none of that so I bought a couple of HotWheels cars to go with it instead;

Mazda RX7 S1 & BMW 2002 Turbo

I’ll not have any relation of mine putting up with shit-house pretend cars, sure.. he’s two, he’ll smash them up but at least they’ll look realistic.   Interestingly, the RX7 has JNC and JDM Legends decals on it.  I tried to find the HotWheels C110 so he could play with a car like his uncle owns, sadly they had none there and I don’t want to give him the one I bought ages ago, hahaha.


In an effort to find some replacement suspension for the back of my R30, I decided to remove the rear springs to get some measurements, they’re there, so why not get an actual measurement of what was in it as opposed to what the internet says.

The result of removing my “Monroe Gas-matics” was this;

There is no space for your jack, sorry.

No guard gap. (primarily due to the massive 235/60 tire)

Tempting to remove the front springs too…

Hah!  So hilarious.  I’ll get something back in there ASAP, a closer level to this than the previous though.


First thing in the morning (Friday) I woke up relatively early in the day feeling surprisingly refreshed, especially when taking into account the entire night of sleep missed that was filled in by co-pilot Buick missions.  I joined Mr. Grotty McParker in a brief tour of the area as everyone else was still asleep.  We wandered the merchandising tents and found very little worthy of caring about but we also took the time to visit the paddock and the museum.

George Fury’s 1984 Pole Position grabbing 910 Bluebird of Z18T wonderment

The first thing visible at the museum was the sweet, sweet 910 of Mr. Fury which was sitting in the window as you entered, I had a good wee nosey around it but it was all closed up so I couldn’t scope out the interior or underneath the bonnet.  Further inside the museum were other amazing cars.



The Mountain

After many years of watching the “great race” the 50th Anniversary of the 1000 combined with a proposed road-trip with some good people from the forums lead to me finally attending the event.  Although it was not so simple as showing up, it never is.