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Gauge backlighting DIY

March 17, 2013

So as it turns out, none of the three Omori gauges I bought for squid came with functional backlighting.

For that authentic 1980s look.

Which is all kinds of odd; you’d expect maybe one or two to at least work partially, however for the price and the age of the equipment I suppose I shouldn’t complain, especially since a pretend sparky like me can easily replace the old-style bulbs with LEDs for a slightly more modern twist!

Armed with a disassembly guide I’d found on the interwebs and a few trusty tools, I set to work… (more…)

I’m just waiting on getting some tyres sorted for the SSRs, they just have to arrive.  Once they’ve done that, I’ll get them on and adjust the suspension to suit the tyre and wheel combo.

In the meantime, this is it.

DR Grille, Sides, End Caps. Aftermarket Spoiler. Wheels and slam will complete this picture.

Big ups again and always to Ewan.  Without his help this would still look a mess.

If you need something from Japan, he’s the man to contact.  Do not hesitate.

Do it.