I was informed the other day by a padre in the CH of CH that there’s a car yard not far at all from his work that is specialising in the currently uncommon but entirely up and coming popular culture trend shift towards classic and retro J-tin.  My padre (Josh (not the one with the Cortina)) was kind enough to provide me with some pictures to share with you all and as such, here they are!

Advertising, why not!?

…and an example of what’s on offer;

Z31 200ZR, AW11, MZ20

Awesome cars in their own right, but still quite modern, so how about we take a step back and enjoy the view of the finer offerings from Toyota & Nissan in the form of a Century & President…

Toyota Century - Front

Toyota Century - Rear

Nissan President - Front

Nissan President - Rear

The President evidently had the plastic removed from the doors by those fiends at compliance.  Not cool, the good thing is that it retains it’s “new car smell” despite being far from fresh off the production line.

Thanks to Josh for the photos, keen to check this place out in person when I’m up in Christchurch for Faith No More in Feburary.



  • Phil says:

    ooohhh I might go check that out!

  • Orion says:

    Motherfunkin’ 200ZR, these guys stole my thunder! I shall be jealous of whoever buys it.

    and if they had a late AW11SC 5spd tintop for sale, I’d probably be all over it like white on rice.

  • Josh says:

    WHERE? im going up this weekend.

  • kinggts25 says:

    Hey dude, its on the corner of moorhouse and selwyn street ;)

  • Enoe says:

    I’ll take a aw11 anyday.

  • 510WGN says:

    I saw that place while we were staying down there over Christmas/New Year. Was pretty shocked to see a Datsun sign up there! Didn’t get a chance to call in and drool though, sucked not having our own transport while in town.

  • Steve - nzmax says:

    There is one on the corner of Moorhouse Ave and Durham St too. When i drove past last Sunday there was a late 80′s? Toyota Cresta/Chaser/Cressida???? thing in there. There was a red Toyota MR2 the same as the pic there too. The rego plates started with N, so assume it will be a NZ new MR2. Was going to go back later on, but ran out of time. Will have another look this weekend end when im up there. Maybe there is two yards?

  • Josh says:

    Yeah, this place sucked IRL.

    No big cars present this weekend, just overpriced jap jizz

  • kyteler says:

    That’s pretty guts. Maybe they take the rarer ones off the lot over the weekend due to the rep. of the CHCH “racer” crowd. Which is fair enough really.

  • Ian says:

    Come and check out what is in the yard atm got a couple of Cedrics with chrome every where!
    Cedrics,Crowns,Soarers,President,Century,Nissan 300ZX and an in amazing condition original order Citroen ID 69!!!!Ooooooh can’t forget Glorias…..come and feast your eyeballs on these classic babies!!!!!

  • Stunning vintage cars! Hope to have any of them soon..

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