Feature Car

Some of you may either know or recall that Richard used to own a white Triumph Mk. II Sedan.  It was a car that I was privileged enough to be allowed to use while I stayed with him on a visit to the northern island, that was some time ago now and Richard had since sold the car and then almost immediately regretted it and pined for another.  Some time later he bought this 2500PI from some Goat.

Good for it's age, no doubt.

It needed a few bits and pieces sorted and a general little clean up so Richard proceeded to spend more money on it than he initially planned.  Ahh cars, it’s a tale often told amongst enthusiasts.


1934 Packard Super Eight

This fine example of a restoration was a participant in the NZ Classic Car Rally that was held recently in Gisborne, those familiar with the RC will have already seen the photos of the event itself (though if you haven’t you can get to them here).

Why is the car a Super 8? Well it’s 8 inline cylinders of 100% Pure, undiluted awesome;

6.1 litre, Straight 8, Gloss & Chrome. All class.

The more observant of you will note the symmetry requires a spare wheel on each side of the vehicle, held in colour coded covers no less with their very own Packard brand padlocks… (more…)

1958 Volkswagen Beetle

February 2, 2010

Whilst I was talking to Tim the other day (owner of the Rat Type3) he told me of a recent purchase, that being the title mentioned ’58 Beetle, a week or so later he came into my work again and informed me that he’d brought the car to work and I should go check it out when I finished, so I did exactly that.  This is the sight that greeted me, a pleasant one indeed;

So clean

One of the best things about Tim’s cars and indeed classics in general is that they’re such a contrast against the modern fodder that shares the parking areas and streets.  They demand and deserve attention.  Despite the dramatic differences between the Rat Type3 and the Mint Beetle, they achieve the same task.  The Beetle is just so damn clean it’s ridiculous, as you can see…


VW Type 3 Fastback

December 22, 2009

You may recall a little while back I spotted a Type3 Fasty parked not far from my work and snapped a quick shot of it.  After it was posted I received a comment from Isaac, the owner of a Rat Rod, informing me of who it belonged to and where I could find the owner.  In the subsequent weeks I stumbled upon the owner (Tim) one morning before I started and we got to talking about it and other things, at that point in time I had a new camera coming and I asked whether he would mind if, once my camera had arrived, I took some photos of his car.  His answer was a positive one and he informed me of where is sat during the day so I could just roll on up and grab some shots where it sat.  Yesterday evening I did just that and here are the resulting photos;

Authorised Vehicles Only.


How could I not?  New purchase and all…

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S47 日産 セドリック – 1972 Datsun 260C H230