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Yes!  I can’t get enough.  I’ve bought another spoiler.  Why?!  WHY?!  Well…  it was a number of reasons, partially because the first one didn’t quite fit.  Sure, it would have taken only a few minutes to make it fit but it didn’t right off the bat.  The other reason was that this second one I found, is deeper.  A further 30mm of depth.  I just had to cross my fingers that when it arrived it would fit straight on, unlike the previous one…  It arrived today, like so;

Fresh from Japan

Fresh from Japan

You’ll have to excuse the shoes, clothes and record player on the bed, I’ve recently been cleaning my room and that’s part of my cleaning method, to just biff stuff onto the bed…    Shhh, it works!

So I unwrapped it from it’s comparably less wrapping versus the first spoiler I bought, only to find this; (more…)

Drive a Volvo

May 28, 2009

If any of you (like me) enjoying turning your hand to driving cars on the computer every now and then, then you may well enjoy this title.  Volvo has paired up with SimBin, the makers of the GT series of driving games for the PC.  They bring you a small racing game, it’s not 100% refined or pretty but it is FREE and a neat way to pass the time.  The download is just shy of 600MB big, so it was never going to be a ground-breaking game.  However, if you’ve wanted to fang about in an over 300hp  RWD Volvo 240 then it is a game you’ll want to try!

I’ve only had two quick little races at it, obviously you put the settings onto Pro level so there’s no ABS or Traction Control or any of that malarky and you can biff the 240 about like nothing else.  Oh, there’s other Volvo’s in the game to including the legendary Volvo 860 Touring Wagon as used in the BTCC.

Here’s the few brief screen-captures that I took so far.  You can tell that at the moment I’m not really that fussed on the racing and time setting side of it.  Though there is an International competition that you can enter with some pretty decent prizes. (more…)

Not a particularly popular car in it’s older guises, that is to say, not in NZ.  Though there are obviouslya few around and there’s some pretty sweet ones available on at the moment that don’t frequent the site by any means.  I present you the following;

1969 Renault R10

1969 Renault R10

You can check out the price and the details on trademe, here; Renault R10 Auction. Though if you click the “More” link you’ll find another few sweet Renners on auctions as well as another photo or two of the R10.  (more…)

Kevs Volkswagen Beetle

Kev's Volkswagen Beetle

You may remember this car being featured last month (A Lust for Rust) well the latest on it is that it’s now completely legal.  After a few minor delays it made it’s way to the doom of the warrant man and failed.  With only minor things needing to be remedied it was soon back to get it’s lovely legal sticker of road going hilarity.  With much thanks to Raizer from and the owner of the bug, Kev we’ve got a stack of pictures of it for you to view.  If you’re after any of them in any more than 1024×768, then just ask and I’ll put the word out to Raizer.  You can enjoy a few more samples and the link to the album further down the page.  (more…)

Glimpse into my past

May 25, 2009

With most everything in recent time posted on RC being of a classic Japanese nature, I thought I should try bring back a little bit of balance and what better way to do so than to show you the second car I owned (the first was a 1978 Chrysler Avenger 1600GL/S).

You’ll have to excuse the quality of the pictures, they were taken back in 2002 with an old AGFA digital camera, as cool and handy as the camera was, it didn’t have a great colour depth, irrespective of that you still get a legible image and so here it is in all it’s glory;

1976 Ford Escort MkII 2door

1976 Ford Escort MkII 2door

As you can see, it was in pretty good condition.  There were some cover-ups by the previous owner(s) but certainly nothing dramatic, at least not as far as an Escort goes.  It was 4spd, floor-shift with the optional disc brakes up front.  Not that it could really go so fast that you would need the disc brakes.  I still think putting some spotlamps behind the grille was the best idea.  It kept the car looking clean and then come night-time when the factory headlamps were decidedly average a flick of the switch would illuminate the road and everything else infront of you, including police cars when you forget they were on when driving about in town and you subsequently get pulled over.  It was a fun car to drive even if it wasn’t as quick as my old Avenger.   Here’s a few more pictures of it, (more…)