So, whilst the Datsun community North and South did their thing, the community also had a bit of a get together.  Being oldschool caters for as many vehicles as are made, the variety is exquisite though it can always be improved upon so if you’re into old cars then be sure to join up to the forums and participate in as many events as possible.  Keeping in mind the next Nationals will be early next year (I’ll advise of specifics in another entry at a later date).  Though I dig all the vehicles in attendance, I do have some favourites.  Top of that is this little sucker;

Lees 1951 Ford Coupe.  Magic.

Lee's 1951 Ford Coupe. Magic.

Lee was the man with the plan, the one in charge of organising the Hawkes Bay, Labour Weekend Gathering that’s affectionately known as Hawkes Boes.  He had helpers of course and so thanks goes out to everyone involved for providing what sounds to have been such a fantastic get together for all involved.

Enough blather from me, onto the pictures of cars, dammit! 

The BDA Wagoneers in attendance.

Awesome Crown Wagons Photo

Awesome Crown Wagons Photo

Northern Convoy Participants

South-bound Convoy Participants

Some of the North-Bound Convoy Particpants

Some of the North-bound Convoy Particpants

Videos Courtesy of Brad/Mikuni from and Photos Courtesy of whoever posted them in the thread that you can view here; Hawkes Boes ’09 – Pictures

…and with summer getting into swing, more gatherings are inevitable. I’ll keep you as up to date as I can with such things.




  • Orion says:

    In hindsight, i really should have attended this.

    But I ain’t no longer part of OS, so I suppose it would have been awkward.

  • Lee says:

    Holla, thanks for the coverage, and thanks to those that attended, was a super magic weekend. Shame every weekend cant be like like that,

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