Though the majority of the public use Labour Weekend as a happy family retreat or escape (or some of us still have to work all but the Monday) the Datsun community has been known for a few years now to hold cruises in both the North and South Islands.  The southern enthusiasts who congregate in the forums generally head to Akaroa, the majority of them are based in Christchurch so an Akaroa cruise is simple, scenic and makes a lot of sense.  This year was set apart from others from my perspective in that a man with an eye and some decent equipment, took his camera and his S12 Silvia along and shot some fantastic pictures which I will share with you, the lovely readers.  The first shot that caught my eye was this;

Pillarless 330 Sedan

Pillarless 330 Sedan

Oh hell yeah!  This car belongs to Aaron, a chap I met in person just recently at the Alexandra Blossom Fest. Drag Racing, he also owns a 330 Wagon and recently sold his 330 Pillared Sedan, not to mention the C110 Hardtop he bought off a good friend of mine down here.  A well en-datsun’d chap, no doubt.

To give you an idea of the numbers on the South Island cruise, check this photo out;

Line em up, Roll em out.

Line 'em up, Roll 'em out.

The keen eyed will spy quite the selection of cars in that image.  To view more of Ryan’s shots from the cruise as well as other, visit his flickr account, here ->

..and to see more photos from others on the cruise, check out the thread on

Nice!  I can’t wait to be able to join back in on Datsun activities once the 110, R-clone is back on the road!  So looking forward to that day.

Stay tuned, for tomorrow’s North Island entry where you’ll see even more Datsuns!  I know you love it.



  • Dan says:

    Nice little write up there Mike!
    I think the official number was 34 Datsuns! best Akaroa cruise yet, with the coming years to only get better!

  • kyteler says:

    Cheers man, looks like it was an absolute ripper of an event, hopefully be able to attend one of these days (years, really).

  • dylan - dirtyleppa says:

    we need this to happen more often is was so good to only do once a year!!!

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