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The Dreaded Rear Quarter

October 15, 2009

Some of you who read this might not be aware of the drama that my C110 has been through in the past, so I thought I would bring it up to date.  I’ve been quite apprehensive in starting on the right hand side of the C110 and the bad weather and lack of equipment has also played a part in the delay in continuing the strip down of paint and the inevitable bog.  My concern about what I’m going to tackle shortly (hopefully start on it tomorrow or in the weekend) stems from being the victim of a tourists inability to give way, at a Give-Way.  The result was this;

Quite possibly the worst place to hit.

As you can somewhat see from this picture (more so in the subsequent pictures), the corner of a stupid late model Nissan Pulsar rental managed to nudge directly into the apex of the bodyline, the door only taking a minor scuff and the wheel not too bothered.  The shut did get pulled around however, not good. (more…)

“Serious” Dash

October 15, 2009

I wish my current logistical situation allowed the importation of this.


but as it stands, I can only sit by helplessly, watching the auction close at 183,000 yen reserve met (a paltry NZ$2700) and dream of what could have been…

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