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Some of you who have been reading this for a while may remember this post way back when that showed the horrible and disheartening story of an American chaps attempt to buy his dream car.  A General Lee replica Charger.

Although the digging and discovery taking place in my ’73 Skyline Hardtop isn’t quite to the same scale (so far, fingers crossed) that the Doom of Hazzard was I still sympathise with the man, how could you not?  Anyone who is into cars especially that of a classic or retro nature, knows the dramas involved with buying what is always a second-hand vehicle and the horrors you can find yourself in.

So it is a joy to see the completion of the mammoth task of fixing a million mistakes and I think all should take a good look through the entire thread (200 pages at current count), even if just as a warning of what you could expect.  Alternatively, you could watch this summarized 6minute video on YouTube;

Huge commendation goes out to the shop involved in the restoration, the task of remedying BK Autos failures was by no means a simple one, also to the owner himself, the perseverance is commendable in and of itself.  Fantastic to see it complete, I’m sure you’ll agree.

You can check out the thread, read the drama from start to finish, here;

...The End

...The End