As you may have noticed yesterday in the entry below this one, I did a minor showing of the South Island Akaroa cruise, today’s little blurb is about the North Island’s efforts.   The annual North Island Labour Weekend Cruise held by the forums makes Taupo it’s point of interest.  Though the numbers were not at a level of the South Island efforts the cruise was just as entertaining for those involved.  The problem of course with classic cruises of any nature is being your car is getting on in years and is often a project, it’s hard for all members to attend.  (I’m testament to this in the both my options, the S21 Skyline and the C110 Skyline are not on the road currently)  What I love about having “Datsun” events as opposed to say, Z or Skyline events is the variety of cars that show up and are welcomed.  The North Island event was proof of this, as such;

C20, 510, KB210, D21, S130, 510

…and a video too for those who love the moving pictures.

You can view the rest of the pictures and the chatter on website.


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