January 20, 2010

Today was a good day, I got a few things done including something I’ll post about later but one of the joys of today was the amount of amazing old cars kicking about.  Though I didn’t get pictures of everything, I did get a few which I’ll share with you now.  My first spot today was a Citroen Dyane that I can only imagine (amongst the three other Citroen’s I saw, a DS, XM & 2CV) was down due to the recent Citroen National Event that was held in Dunedin only a few days previous;

Mean. Love it.

The second sweet car I took some photos of I’ll make a seperate post about shortly but the next one I’ll share here is what appears to be a recently re-painted Toyota Corolla KE26, which is surprisingly well wheeled for Invercargill;

Tidy Corolla Wagon

The next tidy little beast was parked right in front of the Corolla so it made getting a photo quite easy, you’ll see it in the rear shot of the wagon;

Check out that "Lady's" Ass.

…and so the front of the Mini looks as such;

but... you're already IN, Invercargill

As well as these I saw a mint old Holden Wagon and a number of other things that I usually see out and about and so they’ve skipped my mind.

Good day though.  Hope you enjoyed the selection.



  • Justin Holden says:

    That Ke26 wagon is a delight

  • kyteler says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty nice in person. I like the car behind it too. ;)

  • Tracey-Lee says:

    Hey thats my Ke26 :) I park there for work. positive feedbacks always good to hear

  • kyteler says:

    Tracey-Lee, nice choice in style on the wagon. Just looks to be a few bits of interior that need some work unless you’ve tidied it up a bit more since I took these photos? Definitely good to see it being looked after though.

  • Tracey-Lee says:

    Yeah, I am waiting on the seats to be redone and then I most likely wont be doing to much more to it. I had it in the 4s and rotors show yesterday and won best Toyota and best Wagon. so very stoked with that! I have put a few more things back onto it, mainly just the seats and then ill be happy. Thanks

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