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Far out.  Imagine my surprise when in my search for all things KENMERI (ケンメリ) on YAJ! I stumbled upon this;

After I finished choking to death in laughter, I translated the page and it came back with.. well… read it for yourself;


Cha-freakin-ching.  Ewan, you’re a legend. :  USE IT PEOPLE!  Tell him I (Michael/kyteler from  sent you.  He likes knowing, honest he does!

This box arrived today filled with the latest things to help me take the C110 to where I would like it aesthetically, as well as these few things another thing was added to the package from a separate YAJ auction.

Oh, it even has a heart on it!  How Skyline !

Oh, it even has a heart on it! How 'Skyline' !

My love for the Skyline range is probably considered a little sad by most people.  However, it is what it is and when it is that which it is (yes, I know I used too many two letter words.) and you see something like this on auction, you put in a max bid and cross your fingers.    Thankfully in this instance, it worked;  (more…)

Retro’s in Games

May 13, 2009

Now, if you’re the kind of person who loves seeing older cars in games, it’s quite likely that you’re a fan of the Gran Turismo series on the PlayStation.  As far as a driving simulation goes, it’s always been pretty good.  On the PC, there’s been nothing like it in terms of retro automotive content.  If you’re more into the arcade type of gameplay then.. well… who cares?! chances are you’re an idiot.  I read recently on Speedhunters that EA were including the KPGC10 in their latest NFS title, named Need for Speed SHIFT, or some lark.  Not too important I thought, especially given EA’s tendency to SHIFT towards arcade nonsense in their games with little thought given to reality.  Feeding the dogs of the F&F pound, no doubt.

However!  A more recent entry on Speedhunters in regards to this “SHIFT” title made the following statement; “We’ve collaborated with the development team responsible for the PC simulations GTR, GT Legends and GTR2, so you know the pedigree of this driving experience will be second to none.” if that statement is to be believed and they have taken on-board the skills of said team, then there’s quite the opportunity for this game to rock serious quarry, seriously.  Not that that makes any sense at all but the jist is that it should be good!  I still don’t hold my hopes too high, the swagger of NFS games post the Porsche one have been severely disappointing.

Latest Entry

Still, there is hope.  Cross your fingers.  You can read/see a little about GT Legends in one of my previous entries;  this one


Oh hell yes!

I was browsing through YAJ yesterday and happened upon this…

Surge that!

Surge that!

What a weird looking plenum, I thought to myself.  I couldn’t help but click on the link to invesigate further. Then all of a sudden it became obvious what was going on.  Check the bolt spacing on the mating side of the plenum.

What do you suppose thats for then?

What do you suppose that's for then?

That’s right! It looks as though it would mate directly onto a set of triple carbs, does it not?  Which means it’s an awesome HKS Carb Turbo plenum, which would give you the option to make you car into something like.. DUN DUN DUN!

L31 TT

L31 TT


Wangan Midnight, baby!

Wangan Midnight, baby!

Yeah, that’s badass.  However, I imagine the 50,000JPY starting bid might put a lost of westerners off.  50k Yen is about  $850.00NZD at the current exhange rate.  Yikes!  Still, if you’re keen, here’s the link;

Copy it, send an email to Ewan @ and get yourself a piece of history.



May 11, 2009

the pichurs, they is tellings a thousands words. Well… three actually: “MOAR DISH PLOX”

in other news, the delusionally priced S21 Skyline on Trademe which kyteler and I have been secretly pointing and laughing at has now dropped in price.

To $9500.