spotted on Trademe: one 1962 S21 Skyline Super (much like Michael’s one, except in somewhat tattier condition)… dead engine, dead rego, rust for Africa, and all for $12,000? Daaaaaaamn. Would they even be worth this much in restored condition?

Check out the other cars in the background too!

Skyline Super

suit restore. Captain kyteler, I suggests thou gets busy on thine!

Skyline Super

I already checked - those plates are (de)registered to a Hiace

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  • Bryn says:

    Glad you saw this, I own a ’60 Split panel van that I bought when over at the Asylum nearly three years ago. I’m trying to sort shipping back from Dunedin at the moment, I thought of you when Frank said this was going but I’ve been in Europe unable to post. Hope it sees the road, and hope all’s good with you.

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