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Cadillac & Lees Ford

Cadillac & Lee's Ford

As is always the case, Lee from attends as many automotive events as humanly and sometimes superhumanly possible.  He’s a dedicated man and I’m forever greatful for that and his willingness to share the photo documentation of his exploits.  The most recent of which that he snapped a few happy’s at was as the title of the blog indicates, the recently held Napier Hot Rod Swap Meet, most swap meets nationally have gone from more than just a few stalls willing those hard to find and sometimes ridiculously rare trinkets and trim pieces to basically car shows with a place to buy bits.  On one hand, that’s kinda cool, on another it’s a little sad.  More cars on show generally means less room for those selling goods, which you would think was the principal point of a swap meet.  Whether this is the case with the Napier one, I’m not sure.  It certainly seemed to be at the Palmerston North one I attended last year.  Enough of the jibber jabber however, onto what you’ve come to see, the vehicles!