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You may recall me mentioning the FLAWLES Trackday on here a few times in the recent past. If your memory is lacking like mine, then the entries are; Flawless Trackday Planned – 21st June 09 & Flawless Trackday Update!

The very latest update on this is that ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! All spots are filled and they are filled by a wonderfully diverse range of cars.  Here’s a look at what’s going to make their presence known on the track, if you like what you see then you might want to pop down and take a look at the event itself,  you could even attend to help on the marshalling side of things which would be of great assistance to Jarred, I’m sure.  If you can help you’ll find his email on the first page of this thread. Keep in mind though, you can’t race, all spots are filled.  So in just over a month RC should have a stack of photographs of the following cars… (more…)