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A Sample from OJC

May 7, 2009

Having a wander around the OJC forums ( I came across a particular car that grabbed me by the ocular devices and thought that if it interested me so, it was likely to do similar to those that read this.  The car in question is an Isuzu.  No, not a Piazza, not a Bellett or a 117 Coupe, but a Florian!  I’d heard mention and seen in brochures this magical car but until now had never seen pictures taken by a recent owner.  Check out it’s ass!  It’s quite the looker from that perspective;

Check out those curves

Check out those curves

The front almost seems to not quite match the class of the rear, but it does grow on you.  The rear appears to be quite refined, whilst the front is almost brutish (more…)