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because you know you want this showroom condition (and I mean that literally!) hand-assembled and Michelotti-designed 1962 Skyline Sport convertible, one of fewer than ten existing examples. Click on the thumbnail for a neat little showcase video of this car and complete listing (all in Japanese, natch).

Genuine BLRA-3 of awesome

The asking price? A cool 31.5 million yen… at the current exchange rate that amounts to a staggering 533,403 New Zealand peso. Forget buying a Murcie with your Big Wednesday winnings, just get this instead.

That is all :o

nb. For more info on the BLRA-3, check out part 3 of kyteler’s Skyline History article.

Winter, is a coming

May 8, 2009
Frost, its all cold like.

Frost, it's all cold like.

Seasons are changing, which means frost and frozen cars in the morning.  I woke up to this on the S12 today, sadly I didn’t think to get an overall shot.  Also, the post has still got cars in it.  Ssssh you! (more…)