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Spirits of The Rally

May 22, 2009

I was just linked to a page on this site by Ed.  I thought I would share it with you all as it has some pictures of some pretty wicked cars, here’s a few of my favourites;

Fiat 131R

Fiat 131R

This is hopefully close to what Tomstament’s car will look like on completion, perhaps even in those colours.  That would be magic.  You can get to the rest of the images and pages by following the link at the base of this entry. (more…)

I saw this YouTube video linked on the RetroSceneMag blog.  I watched it intently waiting for something else to happen but the whole time just enjoying the sound pulsing out of the V8 powered Marina van.  Absolutely magic.  It’s what I hope filthy_one’s Pontiac Laurentian will sound like once he’s got his new engine in.   I enjoyed it so much it spurred me on to find more videos of a similar nature to share with you all… (more…)

Hakosuka versus Corona

Hakosuka versus Corona

Sadly only available in 1024 x 768, scanning the smaller images from my almost 30 year old book doesn’t give a much better resolution than that irrespective of DPI.

You can download these images by clicking the links for each one at the bottom of the page… (more…)

Prince Skyway S21W

Prince Skyway S21W

Many of you (in NZ at least) will recall the Prince Skyway (Prince Skyline Wagon) that came up for sale on in March 2008, after being shown at the Kumeu Hotrod show a few months prior.  If you were wondering whether it did or didn’t sell, the answer is in the affirmative, it did sell and the latest information is that it’s made it’s way back to the land of the rising sun with help from Jason Quigg (you may know him from such places as the Prince Skyline GT Register) the car found an owner and was consequently shipped home to Japan.

This was how it was presented on;

…and here’s the latest,  a few photos that I’ve copied from Prince Skyline GT Register April ’09 Meeting Minutes. (more…)

The joys of nostalgic…

May 19, 2009

It seems that my DR30 coupe (in all its awesome ’80s Nissan reliableness) has unceremoniously shat the fuel pump controller, which is a little silver box that lives in the boot and is supposed to vary the voltage to the pump based on engine load.

unsurprisingly none of the Nissan wreckers here in Auckland have one spare, let alone any R30 parts :(

I would really like to get the damned thing running again, so on the off-chance that anyone reading this happens to be wrecking a turbo R30, or knows someone who is – giz a shout…

nb. from conducting a bit of research it turns out L20ET and FJ20ET pump controllers are the same, as are the fuel pumps themselves. Which is fortuitous, because I’ll wager there are about a squillion times more L20ET powered R30s here than FJ20ET ones.